German School Kiev offers complete primary and secondary education as per the German curricula, taught by qualified German teachers. Additional lessons in Ukrainian language from the Ukrainian curriculum are available for local children. The school is open for children from the international community as well as local children who want to encompass German as the primary language of instruction. English language is being taught to a very high standard, Russian and Ukrainian lessons are available at native and non-native levels. Preparatory courses are available for children without sufficient knowledge of German. There is also a pre-school and a kindergarten. The school stands out by its unique child-centred pedagogics, and by realising the full German curriculum. It is recognized by German authorities and will provide leaving certificates that allow school leavers to continue their studies anywhere in Germany and most of Europe.

German School Kiev
vul. Novomostyts’ka 10, 04108 Kiev
Phone: +380 44 4620801; +380 44 4620887

German Kindergarden Kiew
vul. Yakira, 13,
Kiew 04119,Ukraine
Telefon: +380 44 3793217

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